As an experienced heavy duty truck Assembly in Nigeria, Asia-Africa International Fze Company is mainly engaged in Assembling and supplying quality cargo trucks, tractor head, dump trucks, and other heavy duty vehicles. So you can feel secure in knowing that the quality of our heavy duty trucks is guaranteed. Our products are reliable, durable, economical, and thus they are well received by customers around the world. 
Process of assembling a truck
Production Line
Production Line
SKD Engine
Mobile Workshop
Production Line
Weichai Power Engine
Spare-Parts Warehouse
Side View of Spare-Part Warehouse
Workshop View
Mobile Workshop
Production Line


(Section1) Assembling of Chassis>Installation of the front leaf spring, balance shaft, thrust bar, front axle shock absorber, etc

(Section2) Assembling of the Axles> Assembling of the front, middle and rear axles. installation of transmission shaft and engine bracket, etc 

(Section3) Installation of Valve> installation of therelay valves, differential valves, prospective valves, solenoid valves, battery box, air cylinders, etc


(Section5) Installation of Engine, etc> Fixation of the cooling module, installation of rear suspension beam assembling of the cab, etc

(Section6) Installation of fuel Tank> Installation of fuel tank, lifting cylinder, air filter assembly and battery, etc


(Section8) The vehicles roll off the assembly line>EOL Calibration, inspection of the function items, safety assurance items then start the vehicle.


Overhaul departments, specializing in reconditioning and testing specific parts and components

Engines > our experts takes responsibility of your engine under their wing, giving it their inclusive and undivided attention when it comes to overhauling, repairing and testing your engine (Genlyon & Kingkan) on our testing line. 
Gearboxes > this team carries out repairs, ranging from replacing the synchronization right up the full overhaul of your gearbox .
Injection pumps >  a team of experts focuses on overhauling and testing your injection pumps on our high-tech test bench.
Differentials > a specialist team handles all repairs and carries out the necessary adjustments to your rear axle
Steering gearboxes > a team is ready to solve all problems involving the steering gearbox: repair and/or exchange of your steering gear housing, steering pump…
Brakes > this department completes overhauls of disc brake calipers, brake shoes and brake drums.
Electronic components > overhauls of starters and alternators, extensively tested on our test bench (also available in exchange).
Hydraulic components > overhauls and repairs of tipper pumps and tipper cylinders.